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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mega Millions Winning Tickets Sold in Maryland, Kansas, Illinois - WORLD

Mega Millions Winning Tickets Sold in Maryland, Kansas, Illinois - WORLD

Three lucky ticket holders in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas will share a $640 million prize, the largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history.

The three tickets matched all five numbers including the megaball number.

Friday's winning numbers were: 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, and megaball 23.

Before taxes, lottery officials said each winning jackpot ticket was expected to be worth more than $213 million.
The Maryland lottery reported a winning ticket was sold in Baltimore County.

The ticket was purchased at a 7-11 store in Milford, Md. The identity of the winner is still unknown. In Maryland, lottery winners have the option to remain anonymous.

"This is truly remarkable and historic," said Maryland Lottery Director Stephen Martino. "We can't wait to greet the winner of this world-record setting jackpot."

The winning ticket in Illinois was sold in the small town of Red Bud, which has a population of 3,640. The lucky numbers were the result of a quick pick, the Associated Press reported.

No details have been released yet about the Kansas ticket.

Other Winners
A payout of $250,000 each will go to the 158 players nationwide who matched five of five winning numbers.
The jackpot shot up to $640 million from $540 million Friday after hordes of hopeful winners plunked down their cash to purchase tickets in the 42 participating U.S. states.

Some 400 million Mega Millions tickets were sold in the last 48 hours leading up to Friday night's drawing.
The previous jackpot record was $390 million, which was split between two winners in 2007.

The cash lump sum payment for Friday's jackpot was worth $462 million, up from $389.8 million.

The odds of winning were 1 out of 176 million, yet hopeful winners from states that didn't participate crossed state lines in order to buy tickets.

People waited as long as six hours at stores along California's Nevada border; Nevada was one of eight states that didn't sell Mega Millions tickets.

source: http://njuice.com
image credit: abcnews.go.com

Fernando Zobel hurt in Nasugbu, Batangas triathlon (Philippines)

Fernando Zobel hurt in Nasugbu, Batangas triathlon (Philippines)

MANILA, Philippines – Ayala Corporation President and COO Fernando Zobel de Ayala suffered minor injuries after his bike crashed during a triathlon event in Nasugbu, Batangas on Saturday.

According to sources, Fernando was immediately flown to a hospital in Metro Manila to receive medical treatment.

In a text message, Fernando's older brother Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala said the businessman “is presently in a stable medical condition and incident just requires suturing of lacerations sustained."

Fernando is an avid runner, having competed and participated in various races.

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source: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com
image : spot.ph

Aishwarya Rai's fake passport found (India)

Aishwarya Rai's fake passport found (India)

In a raid by the special operations group (SOG) at a Vadodara residence, officials found an unexpected document amongst other fake papers.

As the officials were raiding the house of one Premchandra Khandelwal after a tip-off, they came across a forged passport in the name of Bollywood actor Aishwarya Rai, according to media reports. The fake passport mentions Aishwarya Rai's passport number, photo, date of birth and birth place.

The photocopy also mentions that the passport was renewed on May 2, 2006. The police are now investigating the matter to find out how the accused got a copy of the actor's passport.

Four persons were arrested during the raid for allegedly using fake documents to send people abroad.

source: http://www.hindustantimes.com
Image Credit: http://www.photofunt.com

Ex-Punjab minister Bibi Jagir Kaur gets VIP treatment in jail, officials touch her feet (India)

Ex-Punjab minister Bibi Jagir Kaur gets VIP treatment in jail, officials touch her feet (India)

CHANDIGARH: Hardly a few hours after her conviction and arrest on Friday evening, former Punjab cabinet minister Jagir Kaur continued to wield political influence even as a prisoner of law.

Video footage emerging from Patiala and Kapurthala jails clearly shows that Jagir Kaur, who was convicted of criminal conspiracy and other charges in the mysterious death of her 19-year-old daughter, Harpreet Kaur, in April 2000 and sent to jail, was availing VIP treatment despite her conviction and arrest.

A Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) special court in Patiala on Friday sentenced Jagir Kaur to five years rigorous imprisonment on counts of forcible abortion, wrongful confinement, abduction and criminal conspiracy. She was absolved of the charges of murder of her daughter. Three others were also convicted by the court in the case.

Image Credit: firstpost.com
Forced to resign as Punjab's minister for rural water supply and sanitation and defence services after her conviction and arrest, Jagir Kaur was accompanied out of the packed courtroom by police officials.

"It appeared that the police officials were escorting and guarding her from the crowd and media rather than taking her away as a convicted criminal," a lawyer in Patiala courts told IANS.

She was led into a waiting air-conditioned grey-coloured Toyota Innova luxury vehicle to be taken to the Patiala central jail.

Within hours of her being sent to the jail, her request to be transferred to the Kapurthala central jail, nearly 200 km from Patiala, was "promptly" acceded to. Jagir Kaur, who is head of a cash-rich "dera" (sect) in Begowal village, belongs to the district.

Jagir Kaur was, late on Friday night, driven under police escort, which looked more like a ministerial convoy rather than being that of a convicted criminal, in another white-coloured private air-conditioned Toyota Innova. In the car, she was accompanied by only one woman police official seated next to her.

Her Innova was allowed to be driven straight inside the Kapurthala jail complex where police officials in uniform and other jail officials in plainclothes were waiting for her arrival.

To top it all, one official in plainclothes and a uniformed officer bent to touch her feet as she alighted from the Innova car in her trademark white salwar-kameez and a cotton dupatta over her head.

Former Congress legislator Sukhpal Singh Khaira, whom Jagir Kaur had recently defeated in the assembly election from the Bholath seat in Kapurthala, on Saturday demanded sacking of the police officials who touched the feet of Jagir Kaur and sought a probe into the VIP treatment being extended to the former minister after her conviction and arrest.

"Video footage shows jail officials, in uniform and civil clothes, shamelessly touching her feet. I understand that she has been extended the facility of a special darbar inside the jail where people can meet her. All this is happening on the directions of Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal. There should be an inquiry and these officials should be sacked," Khaira said here Saturday.

Raising questions over shifting Jagir Kaur from Patiala to the Kapurthala jail, Khaira said the rules were being openly circumvented, at the behest of the Badal government, to give VIP treatment to Jagir Kaur.

He said justice could only be done if she is shifted to a jail outside Punjab and treated like any other convicted criminal.

Jagir Kaur, who is a powerful politician in Punjab and considered close to the chief minister, was inducted as a cabinet minister March 14. She was the only woman minister in the Badal government. Being a former SGPC chief twice, the lone woman to head the Sikh body, she has a sizeable hold over Sikh religious affairs.

Her daughter had died under mysterious circumstances April 20, 2000, following which she was cremated hastily by the family members. There was no post-mortem conducted. The Badal government was in power at that time as well.

Harpreet had angered her mother and other family members by secretly marrying a youth, Kamaljit Singh, who belonged to a lower caste. Kamaljit belonged to Begowal village in Kapurthala district where Jagir Kaur heads her dera. 

source: TOI

Jessica Sanchez 'American Idol' videos are most-watched, rank #1 on Youtube

Jessica Sanchez 'American Idol' videos are most-watched, rank #1 on Youtube

Jessica Sanchez is the most-watched American Idol Season 11 finalist on Youtube.

Each of Jessica's performance videos uploaded on American Idol's Official Youtube Channel, starting from her Top 25 semi-final performance up to her Top 9 performance, at least has hundred thousands of hits and one of them having more than a million views.

Jessica Sanchez is actually the only finalist to reach million views on American Idol's Youtube channel, and all the videos of her weekly performances, except for one, are the most-watched videos, ranking #1.

Image Credit: wetpaint.com
And another amazing thing is that, the video of her latest performance where she sang Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" garnered over 300,000 views in only a day since it was posted there.

Top 25 Performances:


#1 "Love You I Do" by Jessica Sanchez - 124,973 views
#2 "You Pulled Me Through" by Joshua Ledet - 124,930 views
#3 "In The Air Tonight" by Phillip Phillips - 70,393 views

Top 13 Performances:

#1 "I Will Always Love You" by Jessica Sanchez - 1,877,688 views
#2 "Master Blaster" by DeAndre Brackensick - 189,618 views
#3 "Superstition" by Phillip Phillips - 142,623 views

Top 11 Performances:

#1 "When A Man Loves A Woman" by Joshua Ledet - 265,819 views
#2 "Turn The Beat Around" by Jessica Sanchez - 208,197 views
#3 "Hard To Handle" by Phillip Phillips - 98,887 views

Top 10 Performances:

#1 "Everybody Has A Dream" by Jessica Sanchez - 641,065 views
#2 "Piano Man" by Colton Dixon - 293,952 views
#3 "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)" by Phillip Phillips - 202,803 views

Top 9 Performances:

#1 "Sweet Dreams" by Jessica Sanchez - 321,115 views
#2 "Whole Lotta Love" by Elise Testone - 156,653 views
#3 "Everything" by Colton Dixon - 108,743 views

And when all views are combined for the American Idol 2012's Top 8 finalists from all of their performances, Jessica Sanchez has a total of 3.2-million hits while the other finalists are very far from reaching a million.

1. Jessica Sanchez 3,173,038 views
2. Joshua Ledet 631,262
3. Phillip Phillips 588,001
4. Colton Dixon 542,368
5. Elise Testone 450,999
6. DeAndre Brackensick 408,703
7. Hollie Cavanagh 381,415
8. Skylar Laine 269,599

All stats are as of March 31, 2:02 AM.

If those views would translate into votes, then it's no doubt, Jessica Sanchez will be crowned American Idol 2012 winner with Joshua Ledet as her runner-up.

Notice that ranked 7th and 8th there are Hollie and Skylar, who were in the Bottom 3 during Idol's recent elimination night held Thursday. © www.mykiru.ph

Videos courtesy of American Idol / FOX

How to Create a Website and Sell it for $200,000

How to Create a Website and Sell it for $200,000

According to Patrick Meninga of Make Money with No Work:

Over the last four years, I created a single website that exceeded $2,000 in monthly income, and sold for six figures to one of my direct advertisers.

When I started this journey, I had no idea what I was doing.  I wasted a great deal of time using actions that were inefficient, wasteful, and unprofitable.  Looking back, it is easy to see which actions produced the most income.

My action checklist for creating a website and selling it for $200,000 looked like this:
  • selected the perfect topic
    Image Credit: createmoneywebsite.com
  • published a high volume of content
  • created premium content to attract organic links
  • pitched premium quality guest posts
  • cultivated a community of fans
  • negotiated direct advertising deals
  • persisted through any setbacks
  • sold when the right offer came along.

Select the perfect topic

I chose the perfect topic for my website.  The subject of addiction worked because:
  1. I had expert knowledge and first-hand experience in it.
  2. There was sufficient traffic and interest in the topic on the web.
  3. There was money to made from related products and services.
If you want to creating a six-figure website, you’ll need to meet all three of these requirements.
How can you find the perfect topic?

Think carefully about where your expertise lies. What have you done, what have you learned, and what could you teach others? Brainstorm a list of potential topics based on your experiences. ProBlogger has some helpful suggestions on how to do this.

Next, filter your list of potential topics by profitability. ProBlogger has a detailed guide on how to do this.
Then, filter your list of topics based on potential volume. ProBlogger explores the idea of considering your niche’s volume in detail.

It is not enough to choose a topic in which you are an expert. You need to find the intersection between:
  • your expertise
  • sufficient traffic volumes and interest on the web
  • profit potential.

Publish a high volume of content

I sold my website for six figures because I published a large number of articles. This is how I attracted large volumes of search engine traffic.
My success stemmed from a mountain of content. Over the life of my website, I averaged three new articles per day, resulting in over a thousand new articles each year.
My website sold for six figures because it had a lot of quality content on it.
One of the most important things to implement is a daily quota for publishing new articles. Build a big website. Publish regularly. Writing multiple articles per day will result in the fastest growth. Volume matters. Ninety percent of my effort went into content creation.

Create premium content to attract organic links

One action I took was to create premium content. What is “premium content?” It is content that beats the competition on the web.

Search for you topic online, and glance through the top sites. Analyze the quality, depth, and usefulness of this content. Your goal is to write and publish content that exceeds the quality of what’s already out there. Create a better resource that is useful to your audience.

These are the actions I took to accomplish this with my website:
  • I designed custom infographics (even though I did not know exactly what I was doing!).
  • I published several free ebooks.
  • I helped anyone with personal questions via email for free.
  • I created videos to give the audience a choice of content formats.
  • I created a discussion forum where people could ask questions, get advice, or seek feedback from each other.
Few of my competitors were implementing these tactics, and many of these strategies generated organic links and word-of-mouth exposure for me.

Pitch premium quality guest posts

My website sold for six figures because it had enough authority to rank for many keywords. The site was pulling in over eighty thousand unique visits per month because it had a combination of lots of articles and enough authority to rank well. That authority was created through a handful of guest posts.

While ProBlogger already explores how to get your first guest post published, I want to highlight a couple of points that many people may not realize.

Firstly, because guest posting can be difficult, many people will turn to chasing easy, manufactured links.  Don’t do this!  While some links are very easy to get, they won’t be as powerful as a real guest post. Recognize that quality links are difficult to achieve but are well worth the added effort.
Secondly, with most topics on the web, you only need a few guest posts to create powerful authority. Do not be discouraged. Just start with a single guest post. Give things time. If you are not getting the results you want, add another guest post. This is part of a long-term strategy: give new links time to produce results.

Cultivate a community of fans

I created a fan base in a simple two-step process on my website:
  1. I engaged my readers by opening discussions with them about my articles, encouraging them to leave comments, and having conversations with them.
  2. I gave them a platform in which a community formed and took hold. For my site, this meant adding a discussion forum.
This approach was so successful that some of the fans spread the new forum via word of mouth, bringing in friends and growing the community naturally.
Thus, the action of cultivating fans must begin by engaging your readers. Start a discussion, have conversations, and build from that.

Negotiated direct advertising deals

While I built my site and earned decent money from it, I asked myself, “What if I could monetize more efficiently?”

I was using Google AdSense, so I set out with the goal to make a direct advertising deal. I made a list of each advertiser, then contacted them and inquired about going direct. This was my basic pitch:
“Look, you are already purchasing traffic from my website via Google. What if we were to cut out the middleman, do a direct deal, and both come out ahead for it?  Is that something that interests you?”

After contacting about 20 advertisers, five replied, and I struck three different ad deals. Each of these ran separately, and they had mildly successful results. In all three cases, AdSense delivered better results. There were two problems. First, our advertising contract was too short: there was not enough time to measure real results. Also, the advertisers didn’t have enough control over my website, and couldn’t fine-tune things to their needs.

Even though these direct advertising deals didn’t pan out, they were still valuable because I learned from them. Most importantly, the last direct deal that I made resulted in an unsolicited offer to purchase the website. This would not have happened had I not experimented with new forms of monetization.

Persist through any setbacks

During my journey to create a full-time income online, I experienced a few setbacks. The reason that my website sold for such a large amount is because I persisted through these setbacks and continued to improve the website.

In one instance, a Google algorithm update reduced my traffic by about 40%. I quickly made corrective actions and improved the quality of my content. This particular setback helped in that it raised my standard of quality for future posts. Instead of producing “good enough” articles, I tried to redefine what “premium content” meant to me. I challenged myself to be original, insightful, and helpful with each new article I published.

Sell when the right offer comes along

As I stated above, my last direct advertising deal resulted in an offer I could not refuse. $200,000 was a life-changing amount of money for me. I also had the knowledge and skill to build another profitable website.

Think carefully about your selling price, and keep it in the back of your head. If your website is earning $1,000 per month, would you sell the website for $30,000?  Why or why not?

My website sold for an outrageous premium because it was “best in class” in terms of original content, epic resource articles, and lots of free ebooks. The strength of the content and the community will allow the site to remain profitable long into the future.

Review your action list

To increase monthly income or sell your site for a huge premium, review the actions I’ve suggested in this article and make sure that you are addressing each of them. Six figures does not just fall into your lap, but if you are determined to work hard for your success, these actions can get you there.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments!

Angel Locsin on Phil: He’s Too Young To Be A Husband (Philippines)

Angel Locsin on Phil: He’s Too Young To Be A Husband (Philippines)

Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin in a radio interview on Friday said she is not yet ready to settle down. She said her special someone, Phil Younghusband, is still too young to be a husband.

Angel is 26 while Phil is two years younger.

“Masyado pa po siyang young para maging husband,” she jokingly told DZMM anchorwoman Korina Sanchez, ABS-CBN News reports.

The PMPC Star Awards for Movies best actress also refused to call the Azkals player a boyfriend, saying they don’t have a formal commitment as of this time.

“Right now, we’re just enjoying [what we have]. Ganun lang, kinikilala ang isa’t isa,” she said, according to the report.

Angel described their special relationship as “more mature than a mutual understanding.”

“Mahirap lang kasi na ‘yung lagi siyang umaalis ng bansa, ako naman po busy. Parang mahirap na baka magkasumbatan pa, so ganitong setup muna, mas nagwo-work sa amin,” she reportedly explained.

“For us mas better kasi ‘yung less hassle, walang masyadong away,” she added.

source & image credit: coolbuster

Vanya Mishra crowned Miss India World

Vanya Mishra crowned Miss India World

The winners of the Pantaloons Femina Miss India (PFMI) 2012 pageant were declared at a star-studded event at Bhavans Ground, Andheri on Friday evening. 

The winners are Vanya Mishra (Pantaloons Femina Miss India World 2012), Prachi Mishra (Pantaloons Femina Miss India Earth 2012), Rochelle Maria Rao (Pantaloons Femina Miss India International 2012).

Chandigarh girl, Vanya Mishra who got a direct entry in the final 20 after winning Dabur Gulabari Miss Rose Glow 2011 contest is finally PFMI'12 Miss World. In answer to the final question, 'If you have an option, will you create thousand jobs or feed thousand children daily?' Vanya said, "Little children are innocent and anybody's heart will melt. I will also try to give them education so that they can feed themselves and their family too."

The PFMI 2012 winners were crowned by Pantaloons Femina Miss India World 2011 Kanistha Dhankhar, Pantaloons Femina Miss India Earth 2011 Hasleen Kaur, Pantaloons Femina Miss India International 2011 Ankita Shorey. Mr Kamal Basu, Head Marketing Skoda Auto India Private Limited, gave away car keys as part of grand prize to the three finalists.

source & image credit : TOI

Friday, March 30, 2012

Earth Hour 2012 Philippines Switch-Off Sites And Activities

Earth Hour 2012 Philippines Switch-Off Sites And Activities

Earth Hour 2012 will take place on March 31, 2012 from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. This year, the community is encouraged to go beyond the hour and share anything related to the event—videos, photos, etc.—publicly through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.

“I Will If You Will” is the Earth Hour 2012 campaign. Netizens are asked to “inspire people from all corners of the globe to take sustainability actions, and to share their commitment to the environment with their own social media networks.”

According to Earth Hour Pilipinas, switch-off ceremonies are set in selected sites in Makati, Cebu and Davao. Other towns are expected to participate too.

The hub point for Luzon will be at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati. Performances during the event include Bailes de Luces, Caracol dancers, El Gamma Penumbra, Brigada and other groups.

In Visayas, the switch-off will take place at the Plaza Independencia in Cebu City, while SM City Davao is the main switch-off site for Mindanao.

Will you be joining Earth Hour 2012?

Video Credit: Youtube
source & image credit: http://www.coolbuster.net

Kashmir’s 300,000 ‘ghost’ houses (India)

Kashmir’s 300,000 ‘ghost’ houses (India)

If they are all put together on a plot of land, they could make a massive ghost town replete with haunted houses, dark alleys and creaking gates.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir, battered by militancy since the 1990s, has more than 3,00,000 houses — mostly mansions and bungalows — unoccupied and seldom attended to. These “ dead houses”, according to an official estimate, are together worth a stupendous `90,000 crore.
Image Credit: icetrail.blogspot.com

Ironically, the state also has nearly 6,00,000 families living in sub- human conditions in one- room tenements. “These houses were constructed by welloff people, mostly government employees, bureaucrats and businessmen. Then they left them vacant. Each house costs a minimum `30 lakh and the dead investment could add up to roughly around `90,000 crore. It is a dead investment because it doesn’t benefit anyone, not even its owners,” a government official said.

The officials described this trend of “dead houses” worrying. They said some of these houses have been vacant for decades. “More than 64,000 vacant houses were added over the past decade in Srinagar and Jammu. The number of such houses has gone up from 2,40,000 in 2001 to 304,000 in 2011,” Chander Shakar Sapru, joint director of the state’s census operations, said while releasing the census figures for housing and households.

Sapru refused to give the profile of the people who own these “dead houses”. But Saleem Beg, chief of the J& K chapter of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), said the vacant houses speak about the state’s cultural and economic position.

“In Kashmiri society, people have no other avenue of investment other than land and housing. This is the economic aspect. The social aspect is that we all want to own huge houses,” he said. The 2011 Census found that the total number of houses in the state — from palatial homes to decrepit huts to nondescript barns and stables — stood at 36,03,632, of which 32,99,219 were occupied dwellings.

The figures also highlight the yawning gap between the rich and poor. Around 680,000 households fall in the poor category, where families were living in one- room pigeonholes. The state has also seen a spurt in the construction of places of worships. From 32,025 holy places such as mosques, temples, gurdwaras and churches in 2001, the number has risen to 49,135 in 2011. That’s more than 53 per cent increase, the officials said.

There is one aspect of growth that this trouble- torn state can crow about — that is an almost 65 per cent growth in the number of educational institutions, from 12,455 to 31,843 over a decade.

Reproduced From Mail Today. Copyright 2012. MTNPL. All rights reserved.

source: yahoo news

IIT-Delhi country's highest-ranked institution (India)

IIT-Delhi country's highest-ranked institution (India)

NEW DELHI: Indian Institute of Technology- Delhi is the country's highest ranking institution in world with a global rank of 218, the Rajya Sabha was informed today.

Minister of State for HRD D Purandeswari said during Question Hour that as per the Quacquarelli Symonds global system of ranking of higher education institutions for 2011, IIT-Delhi is the overall highest ranking institution in India at serial number 218.

"As per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2011, IIT-Bombay is the highest ranked institution at serial 317, while the Academic Ranking of World Universities has ranked Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore at serial 321," she said.

Image credit: knowurcollege.com

As per the 2011 QS Engineering & Technology Rankings, IIT-Bombay is at serial 43, IIT-Delhi at 50, IIT-Kanpur at 59 and IIT-Madras at 60 in Computer Science and Information Technology.

In the same ranking system in Civil and Structural Engineering, IIT-Bombay is ranked at serial 30, IIT-Kanpur at serial 38 and IIT-Delhi at serial 43.

As per QS Global Business School Report, 2012, Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad has been ranked second in the Asia Pacific region, next to INSEAD (Institut Europeen d Administration des Affairs), Singapore while IIM-Bangalore, Indian School of Business, IIM-Calcutta and SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai figure in the top 20 institutes.

According to Financial Times London Global Buiness School rankings, IIM-Ahmedabad is at serial 11 and Indian School of Business at serial 13. 

source :  TOI

Hanson to perform live in Manila, Cebu

Hanson to perform live in Manila, Cebu

Hanson will be performing live before their Pinoy fans tonight at the Smart Araneta Coliseum and tomorrow at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu.

 Presented by DAYLY Entertainment in association with Rockstar Touring and LAMC Productions locally, the concerts are part of the band's "Shout It Out World Tour."

Ticket prices of Hanson's concerts in Manila and Cebu are as follows:

Manila (For inquiries call 911 5555)

  • Patron VIP - P4770
  • Patron - P3710
  • Lower Box - P3180
  • Upper Box A - P2650
  • Upper Box B - P1590
  • Gen Admission - P530
Cebu (For inquiries call 232 6888 or 514 3500)
  • VIP - P3710
  • Gold - P3180
  • Silver - P2120
  • SP Balcony - P1590
  • Bronze - P1060
  • Balcony - P636
Composed of Hanson brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac, the band rose to fame after the release of their 1997 hit song "MMMBop" which was nominated twice at the 1998 Grammy Awards and by far the band's most successful single.

source & image credit: http://noypistuff.blogspot.com

Isabel Oli and Chito Trinindad will host Sports Pilipinas aired every Sunday!

Isabel Oli and Chito Trinindad will host Sports Pilipinas aired every Sunday!

Gear up for an active Sunday as GMA News TV premieres its latest sports and fitness show suited for both sports buffs and active lifestyle enthusiasts: Sports Pilipinas.

Hosted by GMA senior sports correspondent Chino Trinidad and Kapuso star Isabel Oli, Sports Pilipinas which premiered last Sunday, March 25, and promises to give viewers a weekly dose of the latest news from the world of sports, in-depth interviews with sports personalities, as well as trends and helpful tips for a healthy lifestyle

Chino Trinidad has become a household name when it comes to sports reportage.  His career in the sports industry has spanned almost two decades–with his early days as a radio reporter and eventually TV sports commentator, Trinidad was also the former commissioner of the Philippine Basketball League (PBL).

Actress Isabel Oli joins Chino as co-host of Sports Pilipinas.  Isabel may  seem like a heroine in distress in some GMA-7 shows but in real life, Isabel is capable of taking care of herself. She  keeps a very active and healthy lifestyle through regular visits to the gym , pilates and scuba diving.
For its pilot telecast this Sunday, Sports Pilipinas will feature an exclusive one-on-one interview with world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao who talks about  his upcoming fight with Timothy Bradley,  the real score about his reported retirement and his resurgence of faith as a man of God.

Sports Pilipinas will also  feature street basketball and take you on a  tour  around  the metro to check out  affordable sports activities that will give anyone on a tight budget, more  bang for their buck. Badminton, swimming, biking, and even zip lining – all these for under P100!

Catch all these and more in the pilot episode of Sports Pilipinas this Sunday, 9:30 am, on GMA News TV.

source & image credit: http://whynotcoconut.com

Saint Theresa's College Ordered By Court To Allow Banned Students To Attend Graduation Rites (PH)

Saint Theresa's College Ordered By Court To Allow Banned Students To Attend Graduation Rites (PH)

Saint Theresa's College was ordered by the court to allow two 16-year-old students to march for graduation, after they were banned from attending the ceremonies for posting on Facebook photos of themselves in bikini.

According to Inquirer.net, judge Wilfredo Navarro of the Cebu City Regional Trial Court Branch 19 issued a Temporary Restraining Order on the sanction imposed by the school to the graduating students.

Navarro stated that STC must “treat the minors with kindness and civility befitting true graduates of a respectable institution sans any discrimination for the entire duration of the commencement exercises.”

Earlier reports said the school penalized the students involved in the so-called “STC Facebook bikini photo scandal” for violating the school handbook that requires students good moral conduct in and outside the campus.

The minors claimed they were deprived by the school due process because they were not given the opportunity to explain their side. They were reportedly scolded by the school principal during a meeting on March 1.

Court records show that in a March 27 meeting, Sister Celeste Ma. Purisima Pe, the principal, and four other respondents, did not deny the allegation of the students that they were called “sluts,” “addicts,” “drunkards,” and “cheap.”

Judge Navarro noted that as minors, the two students have the right to protection not just from physical abuse, but from verbal abuse as well.

“And to deprive them further of their right to participate in the commencement exercises or graduation rites certainly would not help any for their recovery from such a psychologically and emotionally devastating experience,” the ruling said, according to the report.

image credit & source: coolbuster.net

St. Luke's Taguig among world's most beautiful hospitals (Philippines)

St. Luke's Taguig among world's most beautiful hospitals (Philippines)

St.Luke's Medical Center (SLMC) in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig is in the Top 25 most beautiful hospitals in the world, edging out hospitals from the U.S. and Europe on a list by a healthcare website.

According to HealthExecNews, an information network for healthcare executives, SLMC ranks 11th in the world based on "interior and exterior features and their health-promoting qualities."

"Designs including warm woods and nature-inspired elements, soft color schemes, and exterior facades designed with regards to their natural settings placed these facilities on the list," it said.

St. Luke's ranked higher than nine hospitals in the U.S. as well as hospitals in Austria, Australia, Lebanon, and Switzerland.
Image Credit: newsinfo.inquirer.net
"SLMC has received international accreditation and is recognized as one of the best hospitals in Asia and the entire world.  As such, it regularly receives patients from around Asia, Micronesia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States," HealthExecNews said.

According to its website (http://www.stlukesmedicalcenter.com.ph/index.php), SLMC's Medical Arts Building and nursing tower open "to a grand hotel-like lobby with a concierge and front desk officers ready to assist patients and guests." The hospital also has 60 Customer Care Officers "at the patient's beck and call."

"Premium amenities like 620 modern hospital beds, computers with free internet connection in patient suites, 24/7 Concierge Service, shopping and dining spots, a hotel-like lobby and landscaped decks help make for one-of-a-kind patient experience," it also said.

SLMC welcomed its inclusion in the list, noting it was the first time that a Philippine hospital was included. "With this new honor for the country, let us be proud of the Philippines. Mabuhay!" the hospital said.

Bb Pilipinas 2012 Primer Details and Rehearsal Photos

Bb Pilipinas 2012 Primer Details and Rehearsal Photos

A primer for the Bb Pilipinas 2012 pageant is scheduled to air on ABS-CBN’s “Sunday Best” on April 8, just a week before the coronation night where thirty lovely ladies from all over the country will vie for the prestigious title.

Based on the photos of the primer rehearsals at the Republiq at Resorts World Manila, the event will be hosted by ANC News and ABS-CBN Sports anchor TJ Manotoc, model-actor Borgy Manotoc, and beauty queen-turned-television host Venus Raj.
Hosts and candidates rehearse for Binibining Pilipinas 2012 primer

  View the rest of the pictures here.
Photos courtesy of www.bbpilipinas.com.
source: coolbuster

Robinson's Galleria Robbery Incident: 1 Dead, 6 Others Injured (March 29, 2012) - Philippines

Robinson's Galleria Robbery Incident: 1 Dead, 6 Others Injured (March 29, 2012) - Philippines

A security guard was shot dead and six other persons were injured when at least two armed men robbed the roving tellers of Security Bank inside the Robinson’s Galleria Mall along EDSA and Ortigas Avenue in Quezon City on Thursday, March 29, 2012.

The bank’s security personnel killed in the shootout was identified as Rodrigo Villa. According to ABS-CBN News, Villa died while being treated at the Medical City in Pasig. His colleague, Roderick Reloso, is in critical condition at same hospital.
Image Credit; desi-radio.com

Injured were bank tellers Vincent Mangatura and Lea del Mundo, and mall customers Paul Adrian, Johanssen Dionisia and Rabe Jeremy.

Quezon City police district chief Mario dela Vega reportedly said the suspects threw 2 grenades, but only 1 exploded inside the mall.

An official statement from Robinsons Land stated:

“At least 2 armed men tried to rob the roving tellers of Security Bank in Quezon City at around 10 a.m. today. Police authorities responded to the alarm, which is part of the mall security setup, within 15 minutes.”

The mall was closed for a few hours after the incident and has since re-opened to the public, the statement said.

Police authorities are reportedly looking into the CCTV camera footage of the incident as part of the ongoing investigation.

Here are related videos:

Video Credits: Youtube
source: coolbuster

Who will be crowned the next Binibining Pilipinas?

Who will be crowned the next Binibining Pilipinas?

The coronation night of Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant will be held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City on 15 April 2012. (See the full list of candidates HERE!)
Most of the candidates this yeas have very interesting backgrounds some of the candidates work as registered nurses. One is an interior designer. Another is a doctor. There’s a a certified public accountant and a fashion designer.
Liezl Alcantara from Basco, Batanes is the first pure Ivatan who has joined Bb. Pilipinas. Ayelee Marie Dasalla used to be obese and thought of joining a beauty pageant as an impossible dream.

This is one hell of a competition this year, who do you think will represent the country this year?

The Bb. Pilipinas 2012 coronation night will be aired live on ABS-CBN on April 15. A primer will be aired on ABS-CBN’s Sunday Best on April 8.

source & image credit: http://whynotcoconut.com

Thursday, March 29, 2012

UST student proposes marriage to girlfriend on Graduation Day (Philippines)

UST student proposes marriage to girlfriend on Graduation Day (Philippines)

An Architecture student in the University of Santo Tomas (UST) made his Graduation Day last Tuesday, March 27, 2012, a very memorable one when he surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal. Oh, how sweet!

The student, Jerald Benedict Equina, has brilliantly thought of proposing marriage to his longtime girlfriend Angela 'Gelai' Tafalla, a registered nurse, during his Graduation Day at the UST College of Architecture.

It happened at the UST Gym after the graduation ceremony and was witnessed by Jerald's fellow graduates.

And just like most wedding proposals done in public like this one, Jerald also succeeded, getting a precious "yes" from Gelai (she actually said "I do"), who later shared on Facebook this photo of her engagement ring.

No wedding date has been set yet, but the girl revealed also on FB that it will be in 2014.

The proposal was documented on video and has been going rounds already in social media sites, receiving positive comments and congratulatory messages for the couple.

Watch the video of how the wedding proposal happened at UST College of Architecture's Graduation Day:

So sweet! (Who got teary-eyed?) Truly, one of the best marriage proposals I've ever seen.

Thomasians believe it was the first time that ever happened in UST's 400-year history.

And also the first in the Philippines, I guess.

Photos and video courtesy of Jerald and Angela, and Plurality Prod.
source: www.mykiru.ph

Ashton Kutcher-Related Question Disappoints Rihanna

Ashton Kutcher-Related Question Disappoints Rihanna

The Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna romance is indeed just a rumor as the latter in a recent press conference said she is “happy” and “single.”

The singer’s denial could end all speculations that she and the “Two and a Half Men” star are in a relationship.

Image Credit: http://live.drjays.com
Entertainment website TMZ reported on March 21 that the two allegedly spent time together in the actor’s house in L.A. until dawn, but the post was removed later according to several web sources.

During the presscon for her upcoming movie “Battleship,” Rihanna was asked by an ITN reporter: “Things are clearly going brilliantly in your career. I just wondered if you are as happy in your private life and will we be seeing a certain Mr. Ashton Kutcher perhaps making a trip over here?”

The singer-actress replied: “How disappointing was that question? I’m happy and I’m single if that’s what you’re really asking.”

Now that’s going to stop all talks about her being linked to Ashton.

Here’s the video of the interview posted by ITN on its website on March 28:

Video Credit: Youtube

source: Coolbuster

Playstation 4 “Orbis” arriving in 2013

Playstation 4 “Orbis” arriving in 2013

Gamers will certainly keep their hopes up that 2012 is not the end of the world, with Nintendo releasing Wii U this year and Microsoft’s next Xbox “Durango” already in the works. Information has leaked that the next Playstation, codenamed “Orbis”, will be released during the holiday period of 2013.

Kotaku sources revealed that the next Playstation will carry an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU. Such specs will allow the “PS4” to display games at an output of up to 4096 x 2160, which can be considered as 4K resolution. This should play well with Sony’s home theater projectors capable of displaying a 200-inch diagonal screen across your living room.

Image Credit: http://www.yugatech.com
Playstation 3 owners with huge collection of games won’t rejoice that much as the Orbis won’t offer backwards compatibility with PS3 games. New games for the PS4 will be available either in Blu-Ray or as a PSN download. This also means no more used games as every game purchased must be locked to a single PSN account.

It was also hinted that Sony’s latest handheld, the Vita, will play a vital role with the PS4. With the word Orbis, which is Latin for circle, or ring, combined with Vita or Vitae which is Latin for life, will give you the phrase “Circle of Life”. Coincidence or Sony has a penchant for wordplay?

Sony has declined to comment about the information, citing its policy not to comment on “rumors or speculation”, meaning these things should be taken with a grain of salt. But between the end of the world and the PS4 rumor? I’d choose the latter. What do you guys think?

Muted celebrations in Punjab over stay on Rajoana hanging (India)

Muted celebrations in Punjab over stay on Rajoana hanging (India)

CHANDIGARH: A day after the Presidential stay on the hanging of Balwant Singh Rajoana, a convict in the assassination case of former chief minister Beant Singh, the celebrations in Punjab were muted on Thursday as the government ensured that no 'victory' processions were taken out in the state.

All the victory marches planned for Thursday were aborted by various Sikh organizations after Punjab police in a late night swoop had arrested over 20 leaders of radical organizations including Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar), Dal Khalsa, Panthic Sewa Lehara and SAD (Panch Pardhani).

Punjab government has also imposed section 144 of CrPc at various places in the state to prevent the gathering of individuals.
Image Credit: http://www.babushahi.com

However, despite the arrests there was no let up in people congratulating each other over the phone or visiting gurdwaras for the thanksgiving prayers.

Members of various Sikh organizations had started visiting the gurdwaras on Wednesday evening as soon as the news of the stay on hanging broke and the thanksgiving prayers continued on Thursday also.

Sweets were also distributed by Sikhs and congratulated text messages continued to be sent and received on the cell phones.

The leaders who have been taken into preventive custody include SAD (A) president Simranjit Singh Mann, Panthic sewa Lehar leader Baljit Singh Daduwal, SAD (Panch Pardhani) president Daljit Singh Bittu and general Secretary Harpal Singh Cheema, and SAD (Delhi) state president Jaswinder Singh Balliewal.

Police officials said that the leaders were arrested to ensure communal harmony was not disturbed in the state as most of the Sikh radical organizations had planned victory processions in the state.

Officials added that the government also did not take the risk of letting radical organizations "exploit the situation." 
source: TOI

Video: Jessica Sanchez Mellows Down Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” on American Idol (March 28, 2012)

Video: Jessica Sanchez Mellows Down Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” on American Idol (March 28, 2012)

Jessica Sanchez performed a slow version of Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” during the American Idol Season 11 Top 9 finalists performance night on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.

It was great to see the 16-year-old singer mellow down the 2008 dance hit. Idol judge Jennifer Lopez said she liked Jessica’s version and even suggested that Beyonce should consider slowing down the song too.
Image Credit: foxnews.com

Here’s the video - Jessica sings “Sweet Dreams” by Beyonce:

Video credit: Youtube

Please leave your comments in the comment box below if you like the video of Jessica Sanchez.

source: CoolBuster

Is Bianca King going to Leave Acting to Pursue Career in TV Ads Directing ? Philippines

Is Bianca King going to Leave Acting to Pursue Career in TV Ads Directing ? Philippines

She could be considered as one of Kapuso's most prized leading ladies but Bianca King might leave the limelight soon.

Bianca had just finished her degree in Digital Filmmaking yet she's already being tapped by a local production house to be one of their in-house directors.

Bianca has yet to make her decision on the offer, which came this month, as they are still undergoing "initial talks."
Image Credit: sauditrend.blogspot.com
"Sinabi nila na interested sila sa akin. Sinabi ko rin sa kanila ang gusto ko. Pero inaantay pa nilang matapos ang [TV series] 'Broken Vow' para makapag-work ako sa kanila," the actress related in an interview which PEP posted on March 19.

In her interview with "Showbiz Central" last Sunday, Bianca said that she was asked by said outfit to direct TV ads. More, she enthused that veteran actress and director Gina Alajar is her "peg."

It seems Bianca is leaning towards accepting the directorial offer, especially since she has no show lined up yet after "Broken Vow."

"At least, parang hindi ako idle, 'di ba? Kaya do'n ko siya matututukan... na lagi akong may ginagawa," she said in the same online interview.

Even when she was still a filmmaking student, Bianca had already helmed music videos for local artists, namely Hale's "Bahay Kubo," Frencheska Farr's "Today I'll See the Sun," and Somedaydream's "Hey Daydreamer."

course:  mb.com.ph

Fire Hits Residential Area In QC (March 28, 2012) - Philippines

Fire Hits Residential Area In QC (March 28, 2012) - Philippines

Fire Hits Residential Area In QC (March 28, 2012)

A fire broke out in a residential area in Quezon City, Philippines, at around noon on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.

ABS-CBN News reports that several houses along E. Rodriguez Street and Araneta Avenue were razed. At least five hundred families have lost their homes, the report said.
Firefighters battle fire

The blaze was reportedly at Task Force Alpha as of twelve noon. Two people were reported injured and four men have been arrested for stealing things of fire victims.

The extent of damages to properties and the cause of the fire have yet to be determined.

source & image credit: coolbuster

Bianca Gonzales goes 'conservative' for Esquire's iPad cover (Philippines)

Bianca Gonzales goes 'conservative' for Esquire's iPad cover (Philippines)

If you still can’t get enough of Bianca Gonzales’ cover photo on Esquire Magazine’s April 2012 issue, good news because she’s got another one coming up.

Her profile photo on Twitter will be Esquire’s iPad cover.

“@iamsuperbianca’s twitter profile photo is our exclusive iPad cover! Get it when it comes out!,” Ces Olondriz (@cesolondriz), Esquire Philippines art director, posted in her Twitter account Wednesday.

“@cesolondriz even your tweets get me afraid, anxious, and excited! thank you ces for making it look classy. :),” Bianca (@iamsuperbianca) replied and then retweeted Olondriz’ post.

Bianca’s Twitter profile picture is a lot less daring than the magazine cover. It shows the television host on a lifebouy floating in the water, wearing a one-piece swimsuit.

Esquire Philippines said the iPad cover is intended for “conservatives.” In its Facebook fan page, the publication revealed that the photo is the special digital edition of Esquire’s April cover.

In the hard copy, the 29-year-old TV host is shown posing sideways, wearing only a black high-waisted bikini and cupping her breasts with her left arm.

Photo courtesy of Esquire Philippines via Facebook.
source: Coolbuster

Monday, March 26, 2012

Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner-up: Venus Raj admits relationship with Andrei Felix (Philippines)

Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner-up: Venus Raj admits relationship with Andrei Felix (Philippines)

In recent interviews, Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner-up Venus Raj admitted that someone is keeping her inspired these days but not disclosing who he is. It was during her Gandang Gabi Vice guesting on Sunday that she finally admitted she’s dating Andrei Felix. Felix is Raj’s co-host in ABS-CBN’s early morning show Umagang Kay Ganda, where their relationship seem to have started.

Earlier last month, rumors started to circulate that the two are dating since they’ve been frequently spotted. However, neither of them confirmed their relationship status, until Venus Raj’s admission on national TV. Raj said that they are on their fourth month and going strong.

Incoming search terms:

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image credit: beautymania.biz
source: iamjammed

Huawei E587 claims speeds of up to 42Mbps

Huawei E587 claims speeds of up to 42Mbps

The Huawei E587 is an upgrade to the Huawei E586 supporting HSPA+ networks but this time, instead of the 21Mbps speeds of the latter, the E587 can now handle bandwidth speeds of up to 42Mbps. I believe this is also the same unit that is being using by Smart in their Rocket WiFi Plus plan.

I tried the Huawei E587 on a couple of carriers and found the speed tests very impressive except for the bandwidth caps indicated in the fine print.

Was able to get an O2 prepaid card in Cologne for only 5 euros. That includes a regular SIM (voice and SMS) and a data SIM with free 2 months unlimited internet worth 20 euros. I was impressed with the 2 months free mobile internet until I saw the fine print. It’s unlimited at 64Kbps but can go up to 7.2Mbps for the first 200MB.

Once you reach the 200MB data cap, your speed is reduced to dial-up speeds (64Kbps) but it remains free for the whole two months. If you want the 7.2Mbps back, you can get for an additional 15 euros per 1GB.

I have already used up the 200MB in the first day and been running on 64Kbps now on my phone doing simple stuff like Twitter, FourSquare and Facebook. Email and Instagram is a hit or miss.

I have since switched my primary line to T-Mobile with a SIM packet that costs 20 euros and has a pre-loaded value of 10 euros. I can get a 10-euro monthly rate with 300MB cap or pay 1 euro per day for a 200MB cap, all of which are deducted on my load automatically.

The speedtests are impressive and I constantly get above 8Mbps around the city of Hamburg. I am still on the look-out for a carrier that can maximize the speed of the Huawei E587.

P.S. I miss the Philippines. Our SIM cards are cheaper and our mobile internet has no cap (or have high volume caps).

Disclosure: The Huawei E587 was provided to us by HotGadgets. They sell it on Sulit for Ph8,500.

source & image credit: yugatech

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Jiro Manio To Leave Drug Rehab on March 29 (Philippines)

Jiro Manio To Leave Drug Rehab on March 29 (Philippines)

Jiro Manio, the youngest multi-awarded actor of his generation, is set to leave the rehabilitation center on Thursday, March 29, a year after he started to undergo rehab for drug use.

The 19-year-old actor voluntarily entered the drug rehabilitation facility in March last year.

Director Maryo Delos Reyes, Jiro’s mentor in showbiz who believes that he could still make a comeback in the industry, told ABS-CBN News that the actor finally graduated from high school.

A comeback movie is being prepared for Jiro, reports said. It will be his reunion project with Cannes Film Festival winning director Brillante Mendoza.

source & image credit: coolbuster

Kris Lawrence takes 'full responsibility' of Katrina Halili's pregnancy

Kris Lawrence takes 'full responsibility' of Katrina Halili's pregnancy

Kris Lawrence has been revealed to be the father of Katrina Halili's unborn child.

According to Kris Lawrence's camp, Kris Lawrence is taking full responsibility of Katrina Halili's pregnancy and he will support Katrina and their baby through full term.

However, Katrina and Kris are not marrying soon since they are reportedly not ready yet.

Via his Twitter account, Kris thanked those who wished him and his pregnant girlfriend goodluck.

"Thank u all for ur wonderful greetings :-) its amazing :-)," he tweeted.

In her interview with columnist/host Ricky Lo recently, Katrina confirmed she is 3 months pregnant.

Katrina and Kris reportedly broke up in 2009 after a year of being together. In May 2011, Katrina denied speculations that they're back in each other's arms after she allegedly attacked Kris when she saw him having a drinking session with another woman. She said then that she had no time for love.

In a September 2011 interview of Kris, he also denied they're back together and stressed that they're "just friends" and that they were focusing on their careers. He, however, revealed that they almost decided to get married before breaking up in 2009.

Filipino-American R&B singer Kris Lawrence was the winner of ABS-CBN talent search, “Star in a Million,” in 2006. 

image credit: pinoypundit.blogspot.com

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kapuso Rising Star 'Lovi Poe' Shares Her 5 Fitness Tips (Philippines)

Kapuso Rising Star 'Lovi Poe' Shares Her 5 Fitness Tips (Philippines)

After starring in five movies in 2011, actress Lovi Poe continues to reach new heights in her career this year. She currently stars as Natasha Alcantara in a GMA-7 teleserye called Legacy, which is the top-rating show for its timeslot, according to AGB Nielsen ratings.

She might have a busy schedule, but Lovi still manages to take care of her body and keep herself fit. Want to live a healthy lifestyle like her? Check out these tips.
Image Credit: Peh.ph

"At breakfast, I eat a lot talaga," says Lovi. "Before, hindi eh, but I did since I heard that you have to eat breakfast so that your metabolism will be better."


"When I'm hungry, I try to eat fruits na lang so that I don't binge a lot on chips and salsa."


"I drink a lot of water and juice."


Lovi knows gymnastics. She also plays badminton and volleyball.


You don't have to starve yourself to keep fit. "I eat anything I like," Lovi confesses. "Anything."

source: - femalenetwork

Jules Knight of Blake asks KC Concepcion out on a date (Philippines)

Jules Knight of Blake asks KC Concepcion out on a date (Philippines)

Jules Knight of the popular Britist classical vocal quartet Blake asked KC Concepcion out on a date after the group’s performance on ASAP 2012 on Sunday, March 25.

Jules knelt down on one knee and asked KC, “Would you have a date with me?”

The singer-actress and TV host answered, “Maybe.”

Since his arrival in the country, the British singer-model and TV presenter has been very vocal about his feelings toward the X Factor Philippines host.

He earlier admitted that he’s interested in Sharon Cuneta’s eldest daughter.

Jules said he met KC at The Establishment last year during the group’s first Manila show in October. He describes KC as “a lovely girl” and “a national treasure.”

In a press conference prior to their recent concert, he said, “She’s very special and I want to get to know her deeper” before uttering the words “Mahal kita… KC” infront of the cameras and members of media.

source & image credit:  http://www.coolbuster.net

Teen Actress Kathryn Bernardo's Turning Sweet 16 (Philippines)

Teen Actress Kathryn Bernardo's Turning Sweet 16 (Philippines)

Kathryn Bernardo, lead actress of the upcoming romantic-drama television series “Princess and I,” will celebrate her birthday on March 26. She’s turning 16.

Kathryn Chandria M. Bernardo in real-life, the young Star Magic contract artist was born in 1996 in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.
Image Credit: http://pinoy.idolko.com
In “Princess and I,” Kathryn plays Mikay, a long-lost princess of Bhutan who grew up in Manila. She finds love in three men—Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil and Khalil Ramos—during the course of her journey of finding her true identity.

The teleserye also stars Albert Martinez, Gretchen Barretto, Precious Lara Quigaman, Dominic Ochoa and Yayo Aguila among other cast members.

“Princess and I” premieres on April 16, 2012 on ABS-CBN.

source:  http://www.coolbuster.net

Xian Lim's Pick Up Line For Kim (Philippines)

Xian Lim's Pick Up Line For Kim (Philippines)

Kapamilya actor Xian Lim uttered a twitterpating pick up line for ‘Primetime Princess’ Kim Chiu prior to the segment of the ‘Sessionistas’ on ASAP 2012 over the weekend.

Xian said: “Kim, ibenta mo na ang bahay mo.”

Kim: “Bakit naman?”

Xian (with feelings): “Para dito ka na titira sa puso ko.”

Meanwhile, amid the issue on celebrities being bullied on Twitter, Xian in a recent interview said he too receives criticisms in social networking sites.

The actor admitted that he doesn’t pay attention to negative comments. Instead, he said he focuses mostly on positive ones.

“Sa mga negative comments about me, I don’t really pay attention that much,” he said.

Xian pointed out, however, that feedback helps him improve his acting.

“For me, babasahin ko siya...it’s just good room for improvement din, e,” he added.

source & image credit:  http://www.coolbuster.net

Angry Birds Space Download Available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

Angry Birds Space Download Available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

Angry Birds Space, the latest version of the most favorite ‘past time’ game is now available for download on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows users. Check out the links and prices below.

Angry Birds Space for the iOS and Android app is priced at $0.99, the HD version for tablets is $2.99, the Mac version is $4.99, and the Windows PC version is $5.95.

The game has new features including gravity that allows players to use planets to perform trick shots. It has sixty levels, with more content to be added in the future via free and paid in-app updates.

You can download Angry Birds Space iPhone version here; iPad version here; Android version at Google Play; Mac version in the Mac App Store; and at Rovio for Windows.

Video Credit: Youtube

source & image credit: CoolBuster

Ban on OFW deployments to Nigeria, Libya and South Sudan lifted (Philippines)

Ban on OFW deployments to Nigeria, Libya and South Sudan lifted (Philippines)

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration had lifted the ban on deployment of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) to Nigeria, Libya and South Sudan.

Citing Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, the Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network report that the POEA lifted the ban for Nigeria following pronouncement by the Department of Foreign Affairs that the security situation there has improved.

Baldoz reportedly said the ban for Libya was lifted after the crisis alert level in that country was lowered.

As for South Sudan, the deployment ban was lifed since the political and security situation there had improved.

POEA records shows that 2,152 OFWs work in Libya, 1,691 in Nigeria, and 1,941 in Sudan, Baldoz pointed out according to the report.

source & image credit: coolbuster.net

Win $1,500 by Creating a Nokia Regional Ringtone

Win $1,500 by Creating a Nokia Regional Ringtone

Nokia’s sound design team is looking for musically-inclined creative people who can compose ringtones that “reflect and celebrate local music culture and styles.”

Nokia holds five separate contests for China, India, Latin America, South East Asia and Pacific, and Middle East and Africa.

The competition started last March 20 and the deadline of submission of entries is April 17. The winners will be announced on April 24, says Nokia.

Each winning ringtone will receive US$1,500 in prize money.

Aside from that, participants are provided with the rare opportunity to have their respective ringtones included in millions of Nokia handsets starting next year.

Do you think you got what it takes to win? Read the brief here so you will be guided.

Here are the submission pages, depending upon where you live: China, India, Middle East and Africa, South East Asia and Pacific, and Latin America.

Please don’t forget to share this information. You can collaborate with your band or musician-friends to grab this one! $1,500 is big money.

source & image Credit: Nokia Company


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