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Sunday, June 3, 2012

American French Fry Brother : Jason Loose goes viral in China

It was an extraordinary moment of kindness from one stranger to another.

When American Jason Loose stumbled across a homeless Chinese woman looking for food, he decided to help her out.

Rather than walking straight past her, the 23-year-old intern working in Nanjing, China, bought her some French fries and gave her some water.

Kind: American Jason Loose bought this homeless Chinese woman some French fries and water

But despite his heartwarming actions, his choice of food wasn't fully appreciated.

Mr Loose, from California, spent a few minutes with the woman but, before leaving, asked her a question.
According to the Los Angeles Times, he said: 'I asked what's her favorite food to eat?' he said. 'Her answer was ‘not French fries.’”

Despite her doubts over his food choice, Mr Loose's actions have been welcomed across China.
He has revealed that he bought the woman some food because she did not have a lot of money in her collection bowl.

Popular: Jason Loose is pictured teaching Chinese elementary school students. His actions were caught on camera by a passerby and the story quickly went viral on the internet across China

But his actions were caught on camera by a passerby and the story quickly went viral on the internet across China.

It has now sparked a debate in the country about the moral corruptness of Chinese society.

It follows a number of incidents which led to concerns about social apathy in China, including images of a two-year-old who was run over by cars but ignored by a passerby on a busy street.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, one person on China's microblogging site Sina Weibo, wrote: "It was such a heartwarming scene, but brought by a foreign young man,who offers his love, care and trust to a stranger in need.'

The writer then questioned whether or not they could do what Mr Loose did.


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