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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Matt unites the world through dance (Viral Video)

Matt Harding travelled the world to come up with this music video of Trip The Light which is becoming viral. It already has 300k+ YouTube views since it was uploaded yesterday, June 20.

And the Philippines, with our jeepneys, was included in the video together with a number of “dancers.”

Other places that Matt visited (and made it in the video) include Russia, Greece, South Africa, Germany, Thailand, Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, parts of the U.S., Mongolia, Maldives, Zimbabwe, Hungary, and a lot more.

The video description says that the dancers in Syria were blurred for their safety, and that the “cities that didn't make it into the final cut will be in the outtakes video” that they are putting up soon.

Watch the video titled “Where the Hell is Matt? 2012” and see how he somehow united the world through his genius.

Video Credit: Youtube

source & image credit: http://theultimatefan.blogspot.com


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