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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tony Parker Sues Club Where Chris Brown And Drake Brawled

Tony Parker is suing a club and its operators for  $20 million over a scratched cornea.

Parker says he sustained the eye injury during the infamous brawl involving music stars Chris Brown and Drake in W.i.P. club in New York City on June 14.

The NBA star filed the lawsuit to the State Supreme Court in Manhattan on Thursday, claiming that the whole incident could have been prevented if the club had better security.

"The defendants were reckless, careless and negligent in permitting Drake’s entourage and Brown’s entourage to be in the club at the same time despite known tension between the two," the suit reads.

Eight were reportedly injured during the fight inside the club last week including Chris Brown, his girlfriend and his bodyguard. Police say members of Drake's entourage stopped Brown as he was leaving. The fight escalated and bottles were thrown.

Representatives for both singers have denied any wrongdoing on the parts of Brown and Drake and said both are cooperating with police.

source & image credit: http://noypistuff.blogspot.com/ 


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