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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Don Allado apologizes to PBA for Twitter rant

After his controversial tweets against the PBA shocked Twitterverse, Barako Bull player Don Allado said he was sorry for ranting about his frustrations with the league.

“I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to Comm Salud & entire PBA for last night’s tweets that’s now a subject of controversy,” Allado posted in his Twitter account.

On Tuesday night, he published on the micro-blogging site several messages that manifested his disappointment over apparent bad officiating after his team lost in a crucial game against the Powerade Tigers.
In his tweet on Tuesday, Allado accused the PBA of game-fixing.

“I’m the guy that says what others can’t.#PBA games are fixed,” he alleged. “They control who is in & who is out.”

Allado said it is “a disgrace” for him “to be in this league.”

After deleting his tweets Wednesday, Allado asked for forgiveness from PBA Commissioner Chito Salud, the board of governors and the whole league.

“It was an error in judgement on my part to let my passion for this game get the best of me. As a professional I should’ve known better,” the Energy’s center tweeted.

“I understand my statement may be construed by many as discrediting the PBA. Let it be known, however, that such is not my intention,” he continued.

“Again, my sincerest apologies to the Comm Salud, Board of Governors & entire PBA,” he added.

source & image credit: coolbuster.net


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