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Thursday, July 5, 2012

BFAD Disapproves Hotdog King, Master Siomai & More

True or False? Going Viral on Facebook is this post from Karen Bing, which warns the public that some samples from food establishments located along LRT are contaminated with Salmonella, E-Coli etc.
    The BFAD has recently conducted a joint operation on food inspection and sampling in preparation for the incoming school year 2012, the samples obtained from the following establishments have been found to have undesirable results as well as hazardous ingredients after thorough analysis from BFAD Testing Center: HOTDOG KING (Legarda LRT, Recto LRT), LUGAW NI JUAN (Cubao), MASTER SIOMAI (Legarda LRT, Recto LRT), and TIK TI LA OK (Ayala LRT).

    Test results:

  •         Hotdog King - Samples have been found to have high contamination of Salmonella, a bacteria which can be found in fecal matter and wastes, if taken may cause severe diarrhea, headache, vomiting and dehydration.
  •        Lugaw Ni Juan - Sample have been found to be positive with Salmonella.
  •         Master Siomai - Samples have been found to be positive with E.coli, a bacteria found in fecal matter, and high concentrations of Borates: a banned chemical used to preserve and promote food taste, which can cause liver cancer, heart palpitations, and leukemia.
  •         Tik Ti La Ok - Some of the samples taken were found to be spoiled, and lack proper sanitation procedures.

source & image credit: Everything in Budget Blogspot


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