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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Amalia Fuentes and Son Jeric Stabbed with an Umbrella


Via Laila Chikadora
Amalia Fuentes sinaksak ng payong sa likod ng asawa ng umuupa sa kanya. Pati ang anak ni amalia na si jeric ay maraming galos dahil sa engkwnetro nila kaninag alas 5 ng hapon sa 4th street new manila qc. Nakilala ang tenant sa pangalang peter tan licup at asawang si rosemarie na pinuntahan lang ni amalia at jeric para ipaalam na talbog ang cheke na inisyu ng mga ito pero nauwi sa pamimisikal ang pag-uusap. Nakatakas ang mga nanakit sa mag-ina habang makoconfine naman sila sa ospital para sa mga tests na gagawin ng mga doktor sa kanila. Ang buong detalye sa pnews mamaya.

Via Fashion Pulis
Movie actress Amalia Fuentes was reported stabbed at the back with an umbrella by one of her tenants. Her son Jeric, wasn't spared, as he, also sustained cuts and bruises brought about by the encounter at five o'clock in the afternoon yesterday at New Manila in Quezon City.

It was learned that Ms. Fuentes and her son went to the tenant to inform him that his check payment had bounced upon bank presentation. She also reprimanded him about his other shortcomings like non-payment of his Meralco bills and violation such as tapping of electricity. It was reported that tenant did not take Fuentes' words kindly, heated words were exchanged and soon he started punching and hitting Jeric at the back with a gun. When Fuentes tried to pacify and mediate, she was likewise punched at the right jaw and was attacked at the back with an umbrella by the tenant's wife. Jeric sustained wounds and cuts in the process. Fuentes and son had the incident blottered, but the tenant and his wife managed to escape from the authorities.

As of seven thirty in the evening last night, mother and son were confined at St. Luke's Medical Center for a series of tests. Both have undergone CT scan of the head, X-ray of the neck and hands, thoracic and skull. According to the doctor, Fuentes' dizziness was caused by her elevated blood pressure.

source & images credit: Everything in Budget Blogspot


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