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Monday, November 11, 2013

Jax Cote Negative Comment Against Filipinos on Super Typhoon Yolanda

After Devina Dediva’s racist comments against Miss World 2013 Megan Young, here comes another commentator through Facebook who wants to be in the spotlight in a negative way regarding on Super Typhoon Yolanda.

According to Fbnws.com Jax Cote is a private elementary school teacher from Vancouver, British Columbia, responded to an update on the storm with a comment that reeked racist hatred.
Jax Cote was attacked by Filipinos online when she wrote “so this means the world is getting rid a whole wack of Phillipino’s about time God cleaned house!”

After she wrote this, Cote was bombarded with angry comments by Filipino netizens, here are some of the comments: 

Emelita Flores Mendoza: Demonyo yan! Magsasalita ng ganyan sa gitna ng kalamidad? Dapat makisimpatya o kaya’ y huag na lang magsalita! Gawa ba ng isang matinong nilalang yang ganyan? Teacher nga ba siya? Ano angkaya niyang ituro sa mga estudyante niya? Ang maging mapanggapi sa kapwa at maging panatikong racist? Nasaan yung sense of equality among human beings? Bakit ba napakaliit ngtingin niya sa Pilipino? Dapat sa kanya sumama na kayYolanda!!!

Jennifer Baluyot Dilla: ”Jax Cote comments is disturbing indeed but it does not reflect the sentiments of her race. I pray that when storm FREDA hit British Columbia, she or her race did not have to experience comments like that.”

Malcolm Conlan: “I am utterly shocked and disturbed to see this horrible comment at such a difficult time for the Philippines and Filipino people. My question to Jax Cote is why on earth would God be ‘getting rid of a whole wack of Philippino’s’ anyway??? As far as I have seen and am aware, Filipinos deserve the utmost respect for all they do for us around the world. They are employed as nurses, doctors, carers and even Airline Pilots, all very caring and indeed vital jobs for us all, so why on earth would God or anyone for that matter want to get rid of them???? To #JaxCote and indeed anyone else who is minded to, STOP BASHING FILIPINOS, IT IS SIMPLY UNCALLED FOR!!!”

Khim L Amata: ”A racist comment by #JaxCote to the Filipinos. She’s a teacher in Vancouver but I think She’s not a teacher she’s stupid.”


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