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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bryan Boy is America’s Next Top Model's New Judge

UPDATE - Another Filipino is on the path of international stardom — Bryan Yambao, more popularly known as “Bryan Boy,” was selected as a judge for the reality show "America’s Next Top Model" (ANTM) Cycle 19.

In a post on his Facebook account, Bryan Boy, 27, said he was excited about becoming a judge in the popular American show. The host and producer of the show, supermodel Tyra Banks, even tweeted that she was with "Pinoy Fashion Blogger" Bryan Boy, who signed a contract with ANTM on May 25.

Earlier this year, Yahoo News reported that long-time judges J. Alexander, Jay Manuel and Nigel Barker would not be returning for the show’s 19th season. Aside from Bryan Boy, the other judges for the upcoming season are model Rob Evans and fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone, Yahoo said.

Bryan Boy was a web developer before he became an internationally-renowned fashion blogger, making rounds of the hottest fashion scenes in the United States and Europe. On his website, he posted a blog about "BRYANBOY’S NEXT TOP PROJECT."
Who knew all roads lead to Los Angeles? Never in my life I thought I’d end up moving tens of thousands of miles away from home to fulfill something that’s a dream to many. In a very bizarre twist of fate, here I am, blogging from my new home in West Hollywood. I’ve relocated to the City of Angels; one could say I’m an Angeleno now. An angeleno who can’t drive. Hah! I’m sure you’ve heard the news. I’m thrilled and honored to be part of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19 panel!
This is my first job on the small screen. Other than the occasional on-cam interviews, I have ZERO television experience. When I landed in Los Angeles on Friday after an eighteen-hour journey from the Philippines, I went straight from the airport to the studio to tape my first episode appearance — the first elimination round. I’m very new to all of this and I’m sure you’ll notice how I’ve been up for a good two days with absolutely little (2 hours don’t count) sleep. I could only wish for magical fairies to sprinkle some miracle dust at the editing room to make me look alright. Hah!
It’s gonna be fun, fun, FUN! I’ve taped another episode yesterday. I was gobsmacked at my trailer. It’s hysterical — I almost had a coronary when I went inside it. I felt like a TV star. Haha! Today is my free day because it’s a holiday in America (Memorial Day). We’re gonna tape another episode tomorrow. Wish me luck. I love you all!

Video Credit:Youtube

Bryan Boy started blogging about fashion at age 17. He made one of his first major breaks in 2007 when a video he made about world renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs went viral. He even got the attention of Jacobs himself, who named a designer bag after Bryan Boy.

According to the magazine The FilAm, the presence of Bryan Boy is eagerly anticipated at collection unveilings, "his fondness for fashion often a source of intrigue because Bryan Grey-Yambao (or is it Francis Bryan Yambao?) comes not from a fashion capital but a country often associated with extreme poverty. How did he learn to accessorize in fur? How can he afford a Hermes bracelet?"

The New York Observer explains the influence of this monstrously popular blogger in its February 8 issue, “How Fashion Blogger Bryanboy Became a Front-Row Fixture:" He helped establish—or at least propelled into the mainstream—many of the tropes of the fashion-blogging genre, like the blogger's gushy après-shopping post ("I fell in love with this Alexander Wang leather and canvas backpack the first time I saw it when Rumi and I went to the Opening Ceremony store in LA.."), the endless starring-in-the-editorial-of-my-own-life photographs of the blogger wearing designer outfits, and the blogger's mainstream media crossover... He also helped set the standards for designer 'gifting' and disclosure of same in the fashion blogosphere, an arena where it is currently considered acceptable for a blogger to take international airfare, accommodation, designer goods and sometimes even celebrity-style appearance fees from the major brands they cover.

Source & Images Credit: The New York Observer, GMA News, www.everythinginbudget.com


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