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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Delhi boys Google glory as he is headhunted for $100, 000 job

Those who say software jobs are drying up, think again! A young software engineering student of Delhi Technological University (DTU) has been picked up by Google for an annual package of a staggering $100,000 (Rs 55.6 lakh). In the past few years, the demand for software engineering seems to have taken a dip as software firms have been forced to lay off employees due to recession. 

But Priyanshu Jain had no such problem, as he was got offers from three more companies. But Google is where his heart has been set upon from the beginning.

'Coding and designing codes has been my passion for years now. I knew I wanted to be a programmer when I first started coding many years ago. Google was one company that was doing pioneering work in this field so that was where I wanted to be,' the 21-year-old Priyanshu said.

Jain will join the search giant¿s California office in October

His annual package has not only set the record for the highest salary offered to a DTU student, but is also the best in the Capital, trumping the placements even at IIT-Delhi. Priyanshu's father is a doctor and mother a housewife. His sister is also a software professional. For a long time he was in a dilemma whether to take up medicine and become a doctor like his father or pursue software engineering. 

But ultimately, his interest in computers turned out to be more and he enrolled for a course in software engineering after his Class XII board exams. 'I had a choice between becoming a doctor or an engineer. But medicine never interested me. 

Fiddling around with code is what always occupied my mind and that is what I plan to do in future. And in case the job starts becoming tedious after a while, I'll opt for higher studies and probably go for research,' Priyanshu, who hopes to start work at Google's Californiabased headquarters from the first week of October, said. 

He is not the only one to have attracted mega bucks. Three other computer science students from the university have been offered packages above Rs 20 lakh. DTU vice-chancellor P.B. Sharma is no doubt happy with the salaries being offered to the students and said it is down to the priority on research and development.

'We try and put our students through as many research works, journals and international journals as possible to update them with the latest technology. This is what makes our students the most attractive in the industry,' Sharma said before adding that it is a proud day for him when a student is offered a package that is several times bigger than his. 

source & image credit: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/


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