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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Evict Kit: PBB Netizens Outraged Over Kit's Horrible Remarks To Myrtle (Philippines)

Netizens have expressed outrage over harsh words of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Kit Thompson to Myrtle Sarrosa. PBB fans tweeted to evict Kit and showed off their frustrations over Kit's inconsiderable behavior inside the house of Big Brother.

Many netizens felt Kit Thompson is not fit to continue playing as a PBB housemate and accused him of being irresponsible, arrogant, bad influence to male housemates, inconsiderate and nasty. Many of the netizens' tweets sound violent against his existence. Some of them wanted to slap or punch him in the face.

According to most tweets, male housemate Kit allegedly said bad things about Myrtle and threatened her to kick her in the face.

Here are some of the tweets from PBB fans:
@Joz_Ritz Grabe... Sama pala ng ugali nya... Evict Kit !!

@itsmefreeetz Kit to Myrtle (last week) "I Love You, Myrtle" (this week) "Sarap sipain sa mukha." I was like...O.O really? Evict Kit #PBBTeens4

@JohnFilipsalvad Evict Kit ang yabang nia na tlga.sumusobra na..kala ko nman kung cnung napaka pogi at sikat na artista..ang skit nia magsalita

@savedbygrace_10 Evict Kit - Wow trending pala to, I agree dito. Boto nyo yung ibang housemates. Stop voting for Kit.

@c0ldfr0st Evict Kit B.I. sya sa ibang housemates. lalo na kay Roy nd nman sya gnun dati. kya Evic Kit na yan bastos ka. lalake kpa man din!!
source & image credit: bazics.net


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