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Saturday, May 26, 2012

NEW VIDEO: Proof that Raymart Santiago and Co. Started the NAIA Brawl!

A new video showing Mon Tulfo and Claudine Barretto with one of her male companions during the controversial NAIA incident has surfaced and was aired by Aksyon, a TV5 news program.

The video shows Mon having a confrontation with Claudine (whose back was turned to the camera but was obviously her when compared to the first video that came out) and one of the actress’ male friends in a pink shirt.

Video Credit: Youtube

The short video showed the pink clad male hitting Mon in the head with his left hand.

It was obviously a scene before the fist-fight that was shown on the first video, and it somehow showed who started the physical fight.
Image Credit: http://pinoypundit.blogspot.com/

The same pink-clad male was the one who assaulted Mon in the first video.

source: http://theultimatefan.blogspot.com


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