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Saturday, June 9, 2012

PBB Teen 4: Myrtle Sarrosa slaps Yves Flores

Yves Flores chose to accept the invitation his real-life girlfriend Kim Balot over the invitation given by fellow teen housemate Myrtle Sarrosa to talk. His reason for choosing to talk to Kim – he wanted to break up with her already.

Myrtle Sarrosa told Big Brother that she found Yves so coward for not choosing her invitation to talk, while Kim was letting go of her emotions and confronting Yves in the other room.

Kim was all tears when she asked Yves why he denied their real relationship to his fellow housemates. Yves, in turn, told her that it’s difficult to be inside the house for that long and that he was sorry.

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Kim was the one who asked for a breakup. She told Yves that they were better off as just bestfriends.
Kim even dropped a line that says something like should a man opt to love two women, he should pick the second one because he wouldn’t really come to the point of loving that second woman if he still loved the first.
Such wisdom for a 15-year-old.

The “no talking” rule imposed by Big Brother between the male housemates and the female housemates was lifted to the delight of the majority, except perhaps Yves and Myrtle who still wouldn’t talk. It was really an awkward situation for both of them.

House players Bing Boyce and Kim were instructed by Big Brother to open the box that Big Utol gave the housemates before he left. They found two headbands inside with the words “Auto Nomi” which meant that whoever the headbands were given to would be automatically nominated.

One headband went to the boys and the other to the girls. They were asked to decide who from the other team they would give the headbands to.

The girls refused to auto nominate anyone, while the boys chose Myrtle. Yves was the last to be asked by Big Brother, leaving the decision all up to him. It should be a unanimous decision and if he chose Myrtle, then Myrtle would get the headband.

Yves just agreed with the boys but Big Brother has not yet revealed who the automatically nominated housemate was.

The teaser for the Saturday episode showed that Kim made a way for Myrtle and Yves to talk. Myrtle was crying while she poured her emotions to Yves, calling him a big liar. The teaser also showed Myrtle slapping Yves on the cheek during that talk.

Earlier in the episode, Myrtle told some housemates that she once slapped a guy for her friend, and she also wanted to do something that would make Yves realize his mistakes.

Would Myrtle really wear that “Auto Nomi” headband? Or would she get an automatic nomination for slapping Yves?

Find out in tomorrow’s episode of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Season 4 right after Toda Max, only on ABS-CBN.

watch below the video:

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