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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Annabelle Rama posted angry Twitter messages in support of Ruffa Gutierrez

Annabelle Rama, the controversial talent manager, took to Twitter in defense of her daughter Ruffa Gutierrez who recently resigned from TV5’s Paparazzi.

“Dapat tanggalin na yang mga bobong writers ng Paparazzi! Walang mga utak, mga abnormal, mga maniac!” Annabelle started, bashing the writers of the Kapatid network’s showbiz-oriented talk show.

“Akala nila natutuwa ang mga viewers sa mga kabastusan nila? Hoy mga baklang writers ng Paparazzi magsilayas na kayo dyan!”

What Ruffa allegedly felt bad with was what transpired during the Bulong Ng Palad segment of the show where the hosts would alternately whisper their questions to the guest and the guest will, in turn, answer the questions out loud choosing from a set of multiple choice answers.

During the June 23 episode, Ruffa was the “guest” of the said segment because it was her birthday. Among the choices she had to choose her answers from were Aga Muhlach, Zoren Legaspi and Robin Padilla, three men who were romantically involved with in the past.

The segment had a naughty touch to it and it was allegedly what made Ruffa uncomfortable, not to mention the fact that Zoren was there as her co-host, as well as Mariel Rodriguez (Robin’s wife) who was present at the time as a guest co-host.

Annabelle remarked about the naughty nature of the segment despite the fact that it was a daytime show.
“Naubusan na ba kayo ng ideas? Dapat yang mga mali—-g na baklang writers ng paparazzi ilagay sa 2am na slot, di sa tanghali!”

“May mga batang nanunood sa inyo, katulad ng mga apo ko! Inaabangan nila ang bday celebration ng mommy nila!”
“Di ba naman mga tanga, ang daming pambatang commercials, puro kali—n ang topic? Stupid! idiot!”
Annabelle also posted the kind of questions that Ruffa received during the segment and she said those weren’t the kinds you ask in a television show that airs in an 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM timeslot.

“These are the questions: "Sino kila Aga, JL, Robin ang pinaka malaki ang tit*?" | "Sino kila Zoren, Aga, Robin ang magaling sa kama?"”

Annabelle got the support of some Twitter users and even some celebrities regarding the matter.

@dhangrm23 wrote: “Ms. @annabellerama2 & @iloveruffag has the right na masaktan & magalit.Sobrang bastos, babae po at ina ang kausap nyo, konting respeto naman”

@miakareng said: “tita dont stop until ndi sila mag public apology ky @iloveruffag they humiliated her in public. At bday episode dw yun?”

@PaoloParaiso, a Kapuso actor tweeted: “After reading tita @annabellerama2 's tweets, i have to agree! You don't ask those kind of questions to a lady, even if termed correctly!”

@megimperial, a talent of TV5 posted: “i agree with tita @annabellerama2 regarding the interview kanina sa paparazzi. That's very unrespectful!”

source & image credit: http://theultimatefan.blogspot.com & ABS-CBN News


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