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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bayan Telecommunication Launches KAMUSTA.PH (Philippines)

Another Pinoy App that we can download!

Bayan Telecommunication launches Kamusta.Ph,The “Landline Nomination” service allows subscribers to make unlimited phone calls to Philippines from anywhere in the world.

The application will let you enjoy UNLIMITED calls from abroad.

Other features such as:
Unlimmited TALK: (TELEBABAD)
No internet Connection Needed
No hidden Charges (Fixed Monthly rate)

Kamusta.PH is an innovative internet phone application. This is an internet phone application for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It available in App Store. You can download it for free.

Receive call/s Through Virtual Number 
Virtual Number is just like a phone number that allows you to receive calls on your Kamusta.ph application. You can receive calls no matter where you are in the world as long as you have internet connection. Let your friends and family know your Virtual Number and they can call you in easier and more affordable way!
In a press briefing that was held at Lounge in Tomas Morato, Neil Macalinao, Head of Bayan International said that Kamusta.Ph is specially made for families longing for their love ones abroad. The objective is to easily finds a way to communicate clearlywith their love ones. And anything is possible at a very reasonable price.

As long as you have an internet connection (Wifi or 3G), you can make/receive calls anywhere in the world with flat rate. No need pay expensive international roaming fee anymore!

The launch was hosted by funny Karen Dematera AKA KaladKaren, Grand winner of Banana Split Extra Scoop’s Clown In A Million.

Depends on subscription, they can have Philippine Bayan Number that can be  use with any other Bayan number. Clear reception as if you just recieved a call from your neighbor.

Change of virtual number(s): Once you apply for a Virtual number, you cannot change it to another virtual number of the same country/area, until the usage period and the retention period (stated in the next question) ends. After this period ends, you need to apply for a new number. You can apply for additional virtual number(s) any time.

Limit of continuous call: Please bear in mind that the maximum time of continuous call is 2 hours. After 2 hours, the call will automatically be cut.

Some of the questions raised on the launch was,

How can I avail of Kamusta.PH?
Kamusta.PH is available in App Store. You can download it for free. Start up the application and create an account. For more details, please see Create an account.

What OS versions does Kamusta.PH support?
iPhone, iPod touch, iPad(OS 4.0.1 or later)

How much will I be charged for making a call?
When calling another Kamusta.PH user, you will not be charged. When you make call to mobile or fixed phone, you can check the rate at Rates page.

Do rates vary depending on time and day when call was made?
Kamusta.PH offers flat rates no matter where and when you use the service.
Again, call other Kamusta.ph users for free anywhere in the world!

source & images credit: http://rodmagaru.com/


TipidCallsOOPA said...

Now you can call a cell phone in the Philippines and enjoy unlimited minutes for just $1.67/day.

• No apparatus.
• No internet needed.
• No hidden/additional charges.
• No bill shocking and catch frustrating fee.
• Use your cell phone, landline* or any cell phone.
• Up to 3 numbers (additional charges applies for additional numbers)
*Access code given to you is local to your phone number. You still have the responsibility to check with your phone provider. OOPA is not liable for any additional charges that you may incur when calling the access number given to you by OOPA. OOPA will do its best to give you a local access number.

Our service provider: PLDT and Smart Communications (Limited 2k).

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