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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blackberry 10 delayed until 2013

Already facing bleak sales and earnings, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion may risk another beating as it announced its BlackBerry 10 operating system may be delayed until 2013.
RIM admitted during a “disastrous” quarterly earnings report that work on BlackBerry 10 had taken longer than expected, according to a report on tech site TechRadar.com.
Image Credit: forums.crackberry.com
“RIM’s development teams are relentlessly focused on ensuring the quality and reliability of the platform and I will not compromise the product by delivering it before it is ready. I am confident that the first BlackBerry 10 smartphones will provide a ground-breaking next generation smartphone user experience,” it quoted CEO Thorsten Heins as saying.
“The reception of the BlackBerry 10 platform by our key carrier partners has been very positive and they are looking forward to going to market with BlackBerry 10 smartphones in the first quarter of calendar 2013,” he added.
But TechRadar.com said the announcement could be a staggering blow that will send RIM’s ever-dwindling share price further into the doldrums.
It noted the next-generation OS has been regarded as the only thing which can save RIM from the smartphone abyss - RIM already announced a restructuring effort will now see a total cull of 5,000 jobs.
“The big question now is can the company survive in its current form until the first BB10 handsets reach the hands of its remaining loyal users? That lifeboat in the middle of the shark-infested ocean now seems a lot further away,” TechRadar.com said.

source: GMA News


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