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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pac-Bradley Fight to be Reviewed by NSAC and Judges

MANILA, Philippines – There's a new twist in the controversy over 8-division boxing champ Manny Pacquiao's defeat at the hands of undefeated boxer Timothy Bradley.

Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) Executive Director Keith Kizer said he will be reviewing the tape of the bout after the judges awarded Bradley a split decision victory. Most observers were unhappy with the verdict.

Kizer told RingTV he wanted to view the tape together with ring judges Duane Ford, C.J. Ross and Jerry Roth. "I've talked with all three judges after the bout, as well as today. We're going to review the tape of the bout because there was so much controversy, and because there was so much disagreement with the decision," Kizer said.

The NSAC executive said he wanted the judges to explain how they came up with their scoring. Ford and Ross scored the bout 115-113 in favor of Bradley. Roth also had 115-113, but he favored Pacquiao. "I want them to review it with me for my own edification. So I'm going to have them come in individually and we will watch it. I expect these judges will show that they used correct scoring criteria and can verbalize their decision-making, as they have able to do in the past," said Kizer.

Bradley wrested the World Boxing Organization welterweight crown over the weekend after scoring a split decision win over Pacquiao. Boxing pundits and fight fans viewed the judges' decision as highly controversial even as several quarters called for an investigation of the ruling. One of the judges who scored it for Bradley, Duane Ford, earlier defended the way he scored the bout. "I thought Bradley gave Pacquiao a boxing lesson," he told Las Vegas Review-Journal. "I thought a lot of the rounds were close. Pacquiao missed a lot of punches and thought he was throwing wildly." Top Rank Promotions chief executive Bob Arum has formally filed a request with the Nevada State Attorney General (AG) to investigate the controversial boxing match.

Boxing promoter Richard Schaefer, meanwhile, said he does not believe the judges in the Pacquiao-Bradley fight were paid off. Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions (GBP), believes that the inaccuracy in judging stemmed from the officials’ incapacity to judge properly.

He said that some of the officials judging the fight were already close to 80 years old. "I think it's just judges that are maybe at the point where they should retire. I think that's what it is, and unfortunately we are seeing recently more of these decisions and most of the time you have judges which are close to their eighties or in their eighties and maybe they shouldn't judge anymore," said Schaefer in a Boxing Scene report.

Pacquiao and Bradley are both under Bob Arum's Top Rank, which is a direct competitor of Schaefer’s GBP. Schafer said that it is time for the athletic commissions to find new judges who will take the place of the older officials. "Ultimately, the athletic commissions have to educate and find judges to bring the next generation of judges along and [make sure] they are better equipped to handle their responsibilities."

BRADLEY RETURNS BELT TO PACQUIAO: Don't get fooled, the image below is hoax. Its going viral on facebook and twitter.

Sources & Images Credit: ABS-CBN Sports & Everything in Budget Blogspot


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