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Sunday, July 15, 2012

American Idol Season 12 will be ‘Downsized’ significantly – Report

American Idol Apocalypse 2.0 continues!

THR reports that American Idol Season 12 will be a downsized version of the show: budget cuts, staff cuts and salary cuts. Ouch.

I think this means that the show will keep Randy Jackson as judge and the show will most certainly hire Adam Lambert to the judges’ table. They just need another second-stringer to fill in the third seat.

From THR:
Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the show is looking to downsize significantly for season 12, cutting budgets, staff and, of course, salaries, the latter of which will make recruiting top pop talent (like a Fergie, Nicki Minaj, or Will.I.Am) to fill vacancies all the more challenging. In addition, reports that Lopez, who earned between $15 and $20 million on Idol, was angling for another raise (her third in as many years) are true, say insiders, while Tyler’s motivation to exit seems to be more music-focused: as a touring artist, he can make better money on the road with Aerosmith and promoting a new album than he would filibustering on a soundstage in Los Angeles.

According to well-placed insiders, in the hours that followed both Tyler’s and Lopez’s announcement, a mild panic seemed to set in for those intimately involved with the show as war room-like meetings behind closed doors were hastily assembled and cell phones beeped nonstop. Public opinion came down fast and furious, too. Among the revelations: that in the end, superstars Lopez and Tyler saw their careers flourish with lucrative endorsement opportunities and music on the charts, but didn’t really help the Idol franchise; in fact, they may have hurt it. After all, this year’s finale was the show’s lowest rated ever — even counting season 1, which aired — wouldn’t you know it — during the summer.

sources & image credit: Rickey.org & THR


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