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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Video: Zsa Zsa Padilla & Eric Quizon at Dolphy's Wake (Philippines)

Dolphy's long-time partner Zsa Zsa Padilla on Wednesday talked about the comedian's resiliency and how his ordeal brought their whole family together. Padilla also thanked those who were there for Dolphy while he was still battling his illness. She also recalled how Dolphy was as a partner.

Ending her speech doing what she does best, Padilla brought the star-studded audience to tears as she sang their theme song "Through the Years" a capella.

When the veteran actor would mouth his wish to go home as he remained confined in an intensive care unit, Eric Quizon said his family knew the wish would be granted three-fold. "My dad kept on saying, 'Uwi na ako.' That was the phrase he kept on saying sa aming lahat, 'uwi na ako.' His wish was granted.

"Today, we brought him home to Marina (their private residence), and then we brought him here to his family, his Kapamilya, and now he's home with his Creator," he said.

Sources & Image Credit: ABS-CBN News & Everything in Budget Blogspot


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