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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Twitter War Between Abigail Valte and Teddy Locsin Jr.

A member of the 12-man House contingent to the powerful Commission on Appointments (CA) said he will endorse the confirmation of Jesse Robredo as secretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government -- even if posthumously.

"My family and I mourn with his family and the nation for the loss of an icon in good governance, industry and humility. As he is set to be confirmed on August 29 and subject to CA rules, I would endorse his confirmation even if posthumously," Alagad party-list Representative Rodante Marcoleta said.

After three days of search and rescue operations, Robredo's body was recovered 800 meters from the shores of Masbate at a depth of 180 meters Tuesday morning. The late official is set for confirmation by the CA on August 29.

In his Twitter account, Paranaque Representative Roilo Golez said the CA was scheduled to confirm Robredo last Wednesday, August 15, but had to postpone it because they wanted to attend the Requiem Mass and necrological service for their colleague, Sorsogon Representative Salvador Escudero III, who died last week.

"In fact, I talked to Secretary Robredo last Tuesday and assured him of CA support. We were deprived the honor of confirming one of the best in the Cabinet," Golez said. "Rest in peace Secretary Jesse Robredo. You served your country and your people well. Your place is secure in the history of public service," he added.

via Twitter
  • Jojo Pasion Malig: From the archives, 2010: Palace won’t seek CA confirmation for Robredo, 2 others http://fwd4.me/17xz via @ABSCBNNews
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: So why are they crying over him? They didn't care for him pala. What's that? Ghoulish.
  • Abi Valte: @teddyboylocsin even for you, that's too much.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: @Abi_Valte I find that sick even from you.
  • jordan aquino: @Abi_Valte @teddyboylocsin but can u please address why his name wasn't submitted by the palace until late 2011?
  • Abi Valte: we've answered that many times over. You can also google the reports.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: @Abi_Valte Don't involve me in your bulilyasos. You guys fucked up, unfuck yourselves.
  • Abi Valte: @teddyboylocsin oh nobody said that you were ever involved, sir. Everyone knows that :-)
  • Angelicum Oda: @teddyboylocsin @Abi_Valte So bad, after body found, PR that he's supposed to be confirmed on Wednesday floats.. Not needed. Respect.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: That rumor is a total lie. He was not slated to be confirmed ever.
  • Karen Keith: @teddyboylocsin @angelicumoda @abi_valte really?this is crazy.Sir Jess deserves the highest recognition.See the outpouring love from evry1?
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: Exactly and those who cared nothing for him are fling themselves on his coffin.
  • Jojo Pasion Malig: @teddyboylocsin @Abi_Valte Eio, chill out.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: oo nga, kailangan mag chill out siya, on the other hand Ricky said divers snort oxygen in depths where it turns toxic.
  • Abi Valte: @teddyboylocsin slow clap for you sir. You've outdone your usual self today.
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: @Abi_Valte You started it, as usual I finish it. You guys will never win so never start a fight. You are up against genius and right.
  • Vins: o, wag na pansinin :)
  • Abi Valte: I like that it starts with "o"
  • BeReMc: @teddyboylocsin Ms. Valte, just want to remind you that you are representing the president. Shame on you mam!
  • Abi Valte: I wasn't the one swearing, sir. I am mindful of my manners, even on Twitter.
  • Mommy ni Sean: I agree with teddyboy, folks who failed to confirm Robredo's post are now crying buckets! #ipagbawalangmgaplastics"
  • Abi Valte: it's the Commission on Appointments that decides on that. You can check its composition in the 1987 Constitution.
  • Evita Garcia: sorry just read your thread... But I think some words are below the belt....
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: tell that to Abi, she dragged me into her fight w Jojo Malig. Big mistake.
  • Arlo Cordóva: @Abi_Valte @teddyboylocsin I take pleasure from conversations between intelligent minds. I admire you both. This is wild. Chill. Cold beer?
  • Teddy Locsin Jr.: You can't admire us both. You can like Abi, she's cute, but really....never mind.

source & image credit: Everything in Budget Blogspot


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