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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Binay Wants A Martial Law Museum (Philippines)

Vice president Jejomar Binay has proposed the creation of a Martial Law Museum to make today’s generation aware of the fight for freedom and democracy during those days in Philippine history.

In a statement, Binay said:

“We need to remind our youth that the freedom they now enjoy -- the freedom to speak their minds freely, among others -- was paid for with the sacrifices of brave Filipino patriots who may have belonged to different political groups but were united in the fight for freedom and democracy.”

Often these rights are taken for granted. But we must remind them there was a time in our history when speaking one's mind can land a person in jail, or worse,” he added.

According to him, structural plans for the museum, which is foreseen to also become a tourist destination, are being drawn.
source & image credit: coolbuster.net


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