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Sunday, May 27, 2012

FEU student is lone Filipino finalist in Google Science Fair 2012 (Philippines)

Mark Borris Aldonza, a 17-year-old biology student from the Far Eastern University, is the country’s lone representative to the pool of regional finalists competing in the Google Science Fair 2012.

Aldonza is one of the 10 finalists out of hundreds in Asia under 17-18 year-old category and one of the 90 regional finalists out of the thousands who joined the 2012 Google Science Fair, a global online science competition for teenagers launched by the search giant last year.

He received an official acceptance letter from Google stating also that he will get a Chromebook to be shipped by June.

His research, "Novel Catalytic Effects and Molecular Screening of Condensed Tannins (Proanthocyanidins) Treatment on Hardwood Charcoals for Burning Length Longevity, EMF Radiation Shielding and in Decreasing Five Greenhouse Gas Emissions," showed that the highest concentrations of condensed tannins (CTs) gave the highest significance in prolonging the burning length of hardwood charcoals, as an electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) radiation shielding material and in decreasing five greenhouse gas emissions.

In his research, he cited that "charcoal has definitely the potential to alleviate poverty, generate income and enhance livelihoods." He added that "by developing charcoals like what I've done in this research, there'll be more options for fuel use."

"Also, the contribution of charcoals to global warming will definitely be lessen. This research opens a wide scope of well-developed contributions for the potentials of hardwood charcoals in general."

Launched in 2011, Google Science Fair drew more than 7,000 entries last year from inquiring young minds located in 91 countries; the fair has three age categories, for teens from 13 to 18.

Thirteen of the 90 finalists have also been nominated for the Scientific American Science in Action award, the winner of which will be announced on June 6 along with 15 finalists.

These top 15 and the Science in Action winner will be flown out to Google’s headquarters in California in July for the celebratory finalist event and for the last round of judging, which will be conducted by a panel of renowned scientists and innovators.

The Grand Prize winner for this year’s search will receive a National Geographic expedition, a $50,000 scholarship grant from Google, a personal LEGO color mosaic, and a chance for an internship either at Google, Lego, or CERN.

Source & Image Credit: http://www.bazics.net/


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