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Monday, May 14, 2012

Former Indian Cricketer " Sourav Ganguly "video on YouTube goes viral

A short video featuring the former India captain Sourav Ganguly has gone viral on YouTube, generating over 415,000 views and more than 2,200 ‘likes’ within a week of its online publication.

The 3:07 minutes long video, titled ‘Sourav Ganguly – The Movie’, highlights Ganguly’s role in Indian cricket, his leadership and team management skills, but portrays him as a victim of politics.

He was dropped from Team India in controversial circumstances, but has since made a comeback in IPL T20 cricket.

The video has him mouthing dialogues like: “Iss liye log mujhe baap nahin dada bolte hain”.

The video has been uploaded by a private health insurance company, Apollo Munich, which wants to develop elements of this movie later on in the form of short videos for the cyberworld.

“Destiny had a role to play. But with Sourav Ganguly around, it could never take the lead. With his exuberance, passion and never say die attitude, he has always come off in flying colors, despite all odds,” the write up posted along with the video reads.

“Like a hero of any Bollywood movie, Sourav Ganguly has gone through turmoil and has emerged as a winner in the end. He is one of India’s biggest superstars. It’s about time that his fans get to see a film he is in,” it says.

“'Sourav Ganguly -- The Movie' is a passionate love story!

“A love story starring Sourav Ganguly and YOU -- the fan!”

Local Indian media has quoted Apollo Munich Health Insurance’s CEO Antony Jacob as saying: “We intend to share these films with the public at large, so that Ganguly's fans may also enjoy them. We are very excited about creating these 'webisodes' over a period of time.”

Ganguly’s cricketing career has been dotted by controversies and glorious achievements in typical Bollywood potboiler-style, and it is no wonder that the short ‘webisode’ has become such a rage online.

here is the video:

Video Credit: Youtube

source & image credit:http://www.emirates247.com/


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